March 21 - April 3, 2017

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Professional Profiles


Professional Profile: Allan Moore 1993


  • Title: N/A
  • Company: Moore & Bowles, Inc.
  • Location: 55 St. Paul St., Rochester, NY 1931
  • Birthplace: Rochester, NY, 1931

Family: Wife, four children

High school/college activities: President, Inter Fraternity Council, Colgate University

First job outside of real estate: Trainee, Scott Paper Co., Chester, Penn.

First job in real estate or allied field: Appraiser, Equitable Life Assurance Society

What do you do now and what are you planning for the future? Expanding the services of our business

Hobbies, likes and dislikes: Civil War

Extracurricular time: Racquetball

Last or favorite book: “Magic Mountain”

Last or favorite movie: “Tight Little Island”

Person you most emulate (outside of family): No one

Key to success (one idea): Never quit

If you were not successful in the business you are now in and were forced to choose another vocation, whether you are qualified or not, what would it be? Freelance photographer