March 21 - April 3, 2017

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Professional Profiles


Professional Profile: Jake Ivry 2004


  • Title: First Vice President
  • Company: State Bank of Long Island
  • Location: N/A
  • Birthplace: N/A

I) Please discuss your charitable/organizational involvements.
I have been involved with the financial and real estate community for over 20 years. I, as with many of my PSG colleagues, have been recognized both in the secular and non-secular community. Such groups as the Guardian Angels of New York, St. Bartholomew’s Church New York City, and Habitat for Humanity have been recipients of many hard working hours and financial benefits. Organizations and networking involvements includes: Turnaround Management Association- Long Island Chapter; Risk Management Association-New York City, former board member; National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, former NY Regional board member.
2) What is the most notable transaction or project in which you have been recently involved?
I was recently involved in lending to a not-for-profit organization which needed working capital on a seasonal basis and I provided a line of credit which fluctuated during the year depending on the month.
3) Please discuss your professional background.
I started my career with Bank of New York and moved to Marine Midland Bank, then Citibank. Jake also worked as a private banker and team leader at Dime Bank as well as Fleet Bank.
4) What is one criterion which sets your company/firm apart from your competitors?
I see State Bank as a place where collegial activity is more important than internal competition. State Bank is a place where loyalty and integrity still counts. As the acquisition fury has started to subside, there still remains strong competition. State Bank believes that a bank is more than just a place to deposit money or get a loan. It has become for some a trusted advisor, a place where you can discuss your plans to save for your children’s’ college education (529 Plan) or your dream to buy a home (residential mortgage).
5).Do you see your industry in a more or less favorable position 6 months from today?
From a very positive perspective, I see the financial Industry continuing to dig its way out of bad press, and boldly to accept what it set out to do! At State Bank we will continue on our path of measured, orderly growth and maintain our focus as stated in our Annual Report… “It’s All About The Customer!”