March 21 - April 3, 2017

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Professional Profiles


Professional Profile: Lex Blakeley-Glover 2014


  • Title: Associate
  • Company: VVA Project Managers & Consultants
  • Location: New York, N.Y.
  • Birthplace: London, England

Education: University of Reading, Berkshire, UK
First job outside of real estate: Paper boy
First job in real estate or allied field: Technical Investment & Risk Management Consultant
What do you do now and what are you planning for the future? I’m currently working as a project manager at VVA and plan on continuing development of our firm’s risk management and cost consulting practices.
How do you unwind from a busy day in real estate? Ideally a trip to the gym followed by dinner with the family.
Favorite book or author: “A Little History of the World” by Ernst Gombrich
Favorite movie: “The Great Escape”
Last song you purchased/downloaded? Avicii – “Hey Brother”
One word to describe your work environment: Energetic
Rules to live by in business: Positive attitude, belief and hard work
If you could invite one person to dinner (living or dead) who would it be and where would you go? Dale Carnegie at The Fat Duck
What is your dream job? Rugby Player