March 21 - April 3, 2017

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Professional Profiles


Professional Profile: Peter Aries 1990


  • Title: President
  • Company: Aries Realty Ltd.
  • Location: -
  • Birthplace: Yonkers, N.Y. - May 1937

Marital: Status: Married

Children: Three

Automobile: Dodge Aries

Hobbies/Sports: Golf, tennis and music

Favorite Music: Gershwin

Favorite movie: Casablanca

Favorite T.V. Show: Sports

Favorite Food: Pasta

Most Recent Book Read: An Empire of Their Own

Person You Most Respect: Ira F. Winter

First Job: Stock boy at Saks Fifth Avenue

Community Involvements: Founder and past president, BOMA, Westchester; founder of Lions Club of E. Yonkers, N.Y.

Most important Deal or Event: Development of my first shopping center 30 years ago-Warburton Shopping Center in Yonkers, N.Y.

Personal or Business Goal: Personal: to shoot a 75. Business: to have all of my employees financially independent and wealthy.

Current Activity: Redevelopment and expansion of the New Rochelle Mall in New Rochelle, N.Y., and purchasing shopping centers for redevelopment.