March 21 - April 3, 2017

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Professional Profiles


Professional Profile: Robert Virgulak 2002


  • Title: President
  • Company: Desmond Virgulak Brown Realty, Inc.
  • Location: Norwalk, Conn.
  • Birthplace: Norwalk, 1942

Family: Married 38 years, with 2 children and 2 grandchildren
College: Southwestern University, Ariz. (BA); U.S. Navy, 1960-1963, Bay of Pigs
First job outside of real estate: Distribution manager
First job in real estate or allied field: Residential broker
What do you do now and what are you planning for the future? We negotiate leasing and sales in all aspects of commercial real estate. We cover all of Connecticut and are licensed in New York.
Hobbies: Snowmobiling and hunting
Favorite book: “Exodus,” “To Kill a Mockingbird”
Favorite movie: “Casablanca”
Person you most emulate (outside of family): Colin Powell
Key to success: Working hard and detail oriented
If you were forced to choose another vocation what would it be? Federal marshal/customs agent