March 21 - April 3, 2017

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Professional Profiles


Professional Profiles: Jerome Menell 1991


  • Title: President
  • Company: Media Facilities Corp.
  • Location: 34 West 32nd St., New York, NY
  • Birthplace: Bayonne, NJ

Education: Rutgers


Marital Status: Divorced

Children: Three

Hobbies/Sports: Tennis, skiing, orienteering, etc.

Automobile: Mitsubishi ESIR

Favorite Movie: 2001

Favorite Music: Rite of Spring, Copeland

Favorite T.V. Show: L.A. Law

Most Recent Book Read: “Bonfires of the Vanities”

Favorite Food: French/Italian

Person You Most Respect (outside of the family): Jack Kennedy

First Job: Delivering newspapers

Most Important Deal or Event: Design/Build Audiovisual facilities at IBM’s Management Development Center in Armonk, N.Y.

Personal or Business Goal: To help improve communication to and between people

Current Activity: All of the above

Community Involvements: Chairman, Bargeowners Assoc., Verplanck, N.Y.; Coop Board of Directors, NYC; Stephany Skura Dance Company, board member.